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Our own Amigos Rotarian just couldn't sit on the sidelines with concern for what is happening to the people in Ukraine.  Rotarian Angela Rester was able to connect him to a Rotarian in Poland and the rest is history that is yet to come....starting now with your support and Rob Grede's blog that will keep us posted.  Please consider supporting this effort.  GoFundMe - Here is the GoFundMe page: bit.ly/HelptheRefugees

By the way...this story has also been seen on Fox 6 and WISN 12 carried stories last night and the online news group, Patch, had this to report: https://patch.com/wisconsin/milwaukee/milwaukee-men-plan-trip-poland-deliver-supplies-ukraine

Click here for link to Fox 6 News Report on what Rob and his friends are doing -

They leave May 12

Arrive Vienna 13 May

Arrive Przemysl, Poland 15-17 May


From Rob - 

Over 10,000 Ukrainian refugees enter Poland every day to escape the horrors of the Russian invasion. Many of us donate to the cause without really knowing where that money will go.


I’m doing something different.


Along with two friends, I’m going to Poland, but we need your help to purchase supplies for Ukrainian refugees. Our GoFundMe page: bit.ly/HelptheRefugees  


Who are We?

We’re just three old guys looking to make a difference in the world. Greg Ryan and Rob Grede live in the Milwaukee area. Dale Wilson, also a Rotarian, lives in Santa Barbara.


The Plan

We meet in Vienna, Austria, rent a van, fill it with emergency items that the Ukrainian refugees can use right now. Then we drive to Przemyƛl, Poland, on the Ukraine border, where we meet our Polish Rotary contact, Zbigniew Dziedzic, District Governor, in neighboring Jaroslaw.


Our Promise

We pay all our own expenses – air travel, vehicle rental, gas, food and lodging. 100% of your donation will be used for dry food, clothing and medical supplies to support Ukrainian refugees.


The Request

We leave May 12 for Poland. Here is the GoFundMe page once more: bit.ly/HelptheRefugees


If you wish to follow our progress, please join our Facebook Group: “Three Guys on a Mission” at www.facebook.com/groups/958153874872742


Thanks for your support.



Robert Grede