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Amigos de Milwaukee
Home of Phil & Rosa Golden
N16W26587 E. Fielhack Dr.
Pewaukee, WI  53072
United States

This has been a year full of challenging but happy moments where I am more than thankful for the people who are in this adventure and have their hands on! 

So its time to joy and relax. 

The party will begin at our regular meeting time ... 19 of December 5:45 with some elasticity to the ending time.




  • Bring Passion, Fun, Joy and some food to share....bring the swimsuit and towel if want to enjoy the hot tub and are you brave enough! There is a shower in the facilities.
  • Share some original food, drinks, music or something you usually do on this dates. We are all hunger to know better about the beautiful world where we live.
  • Bring husbands, kids, wife and friends, And let me know in advance. 
  • Epipen if you are alergic to any food. We cannot guarantee ingredients. 
  • If you drink: don't drive! Do safe carpooling but worst case scenario I have a sofa
  • Last minute cancellations. Even if late I will love to have you here. 
  • MY PHONE 2628539188
    I will open a WhatsApp group called PARTY so please accept it on your phone if you do not have WhatsApp app download it, is free and so easy to be communicated I can help you. 
  • PLEASE HELP! if I don't resend this email to someone, help me and resend it for me to the missing person in the list.
  • my ADDRESS: N16W26587 E. Fielhack Dr. Pewaukee Zip 53072
  • google it in advance is tricky to find in GPS.
  • will be held at the REC CENTER were the American FLAG is.
  • Is Danielle Birthday so HE will bring the cake: we do the candles! 25 right?
Love you ALL! 


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