Amigos de Milwaukee
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Where it all began and all that it is still doing - Rotary is where neighbors, friends, and problem-solvers share ideas, join leaders, and take action to create lasting change.


Victory Garden Initiative builds communities that grow their own food, creating a socially just, ecologically sustainable, nutritious food system for all.

Come hear from Montana Morris about volunteer opportunities for our club to participate in helping others learn to grow their own food and work toward greater social equity.

Montana shared this, "Urban agriculture benefits our communities through environmental, physical, mental, economic, and social means.  VGI is first and foremost an educational organization that teaches people how to grow their own food, especially in the city. We also make growing food more accessible to people by installing gardens for them, providing garden mentors, and creating gardener communities. VGI does work throughout Milwaukee County and even Wisconsin, but we focus the majority of the money we raise on low-income neighborhoods and food deserts. We also operate an urban farm in the Harambee neighborhood of Milwaukee that we use for youth education and community engagement. VGI puts on a number of community events to raise awareness and engagement of urban agriculture throughout the year. Changing the health of our communities starts with changing the culture of them."

Amigos Rotarians will be hearing from several organizations so that we can decide, as a club, where we would like to support and contribute our volunteer time and resources.  Don't miss this meeting! 

Non-Rotarians and those who are Rotary-curious are invited to attend.