Visiting Rotarian wife from India seeking folks to explore our area now thru March 4 - Can you help out Family of Rotary?

Madhu Mittal, wife of Rajesh Mittal arrived in Milwaukee to visit her son. She was to be with her husband so they could explore together. Sadly, business has kept him in India. She is hoping that our family of Rotary can help her to still enjoy what Milwaukee has to offer. She is staying with her son (he works at Baird) and he's a hard worker so little time to be with his mom, though they did travel to Minneapolis over the weekend and will hopefully join us for dinner on Tuesday night after our Rotary meeting. I know this is late notice but if you can join us I would love to have you come along (Dutch treat).  Let me know if you are interested.  I have all of Madhu's contact info and would appreciate any of you having time to spend with her. She will be here thru March 4.  Rajesh is the Charter President this year of a new club in Delhi, India called the Rotary Club of Delhi - Manthan.  He and his wife have visited both the East and West coast of the US and therefore wanted a new experience.  I warned them of our snow and cold weather.
I spoke with both Madhu and her son Monday evening and both are delightful.  Please contact me at to get phone number so you can arrange a get together.  Let me know if you might be able to join us for dinner on the 19th and/or the 26th.

Have you joined a Fellowship yet?  Don't know what they are? Awesome way to connect Internationally and locally with other Rotarians who share your interests or hobbies.

Rotary Fellowships are independent, social groups that share a common passion. Being part of a fellowship is a fun way to make friends around the world.

How do I join a fellowship?

Fellowships are open to Rotarians, family members, and program participants and alumni. You can contact a fellowship directly by using the information listed in the Rotary Fellowships directory. Or search our discussion groups to find Rotary and Rotaract members with similar interests.

How do I form a fellowship?

Start by finding others who share you interest.

Be sure you meet the criteria for a fellowship and apply for official recognition.

Explore our fellowships:

Interested in a particular subject? Visit the group's website or email it to learn more.

Did you know that our District now has a new Fellowship?  Rotary Means Business - this was taken from the District 6270 home page - 

"District 6270 has now officially become the first Rotary district in Wisconsin to be chartered under the Rotary Means Business Fellowship. Rotary Means Business encourages Rotarians to support the success of their fellow Rotarians by doing business with them, and by referring others to them. I am of the firm belief that the most honorable people to transact business with are people who abide by the 4 Way Test. So, to launch the Rotary Means Business Fellowship, we are planning an event that will be announced soon where Rotarians who are involved in business or interested in business can come to socialize and learn more about how to join the fellowship. We are also working on an Electronic Business Directory (in PDF format) for all Rotarians involved in various businesses to be able to have their businesses listed so that other Rotarians can reach out to them to transact business or refer business to them."

Rotarian and Cycling Fellowship member Angie Rester recently rode in the Penninsula Century Fall Challenge where she ran into the Rotarians from the Rotary Club Door County North who hosted one of the rest stops and fueling stations in the ride that starts and ends in Sister Bay.  Cycling Fellowship members are also able to purchase the Rotary and End Polio jerseys made just for the Fellowship.  Angie is available for presentations to clubs regarding Fellowships.  She serves as the District Fellowship Chair.  Click here to email her your request or questions. 

  • Are you interested in serving on the District Committee for Fellowships? Meetings will be telephonically so you can join the committee from any place in the District. 

Nutrition Project in Uruguay  

  • Amigos Rotarians Phil Golden and Rosa Sugo-Golden traveled to Uruguay in December to finalize our club project details and reporting.  

Micro-Loan Program in Haiti

  • Amigos Rotarian Dorothy Krupa continues to work on a Rotary Global Grant to secure greater funding for more micro-loans to women in Haiti.  Pledges from our club and other Rotary Clubs is nearing our $10,000 necessary (at $6,000 in pledges currently) match for Rotary International Foundation Global Grant Funding.

Rotary International Convention 2019 in Hamburg, Germany - June 1-5 

PDG and Amigos President Angela Rester and Past Amigos President will attend. Let her know if you wish to go to consider shared apartment in Hamburg. 


Unforgettable moments are made at the convention, a place where the Rotary spirit fills the air with a level of energy and enthusiasm you can’t find anywhere else. This is the event where we unite and take action to create true and lasting change in the world.

Angie has attended multiple conventions starting in Nice, France in 1995; Indianapolis, Indiana; Singapore, Singapore; San Antonio, Texas; Chicago, IL; Salt Lake City, Utah; and Montreal, Canada. 


Make new friends or connect with old ones while you explore the House of Friendship with your fellow Rotarians. With so much to see and endless things to do, the Rotary Convention is sure to be an experience you won’t want to miss.

Angie has registered to also attend the Peace Conference that is convening just before the Convention from May 31 - June 1. Any Rotarian may also register for it or the pre-convention Rotaract Symposium.


Discover the unique blend of historical and contemporary culture that makes Hamburg such a distinctive place. A flourishing city with friendly people and an array of entertainment options, this beautiful port city is the perfect setting for a memorable experience.


Rotary Curious??

  • Did you know that Rotary does not require weekly attendance even though we generally meet weekly?

  • Did you know that our project and volunteer service counts as attendance?

  • Did you know that you can do a Rotary make-up by attending another club meeting OR by going on-line and read several "programs" and then apply for a make-up?  Use these links to get started.

  • Rotary e club One - the original - /

  • Rotary Club of E-Club of the Southwest USA -




Rotary Curious? 

What Does it Take in Time?  
  • One in-person meeting per month
What's Expected of Me?
  • To represent your vocation and help us know about you and that vocation.
  • Be a person of high ethical standards.
  • Give some of your time to Service in the Greater Milwaukee community and / or internationally.
  • Share Rotary and the opportunity to make a difference in the world with your Rotary Family in ways you could not individually.
  • Have Fun and WANT to see your Rotary club members because you miss them when you don't.